A Love Story

[ A Love Story will be an weekly series that will take you through the ups and downs of what we call love and life. ]
Our love story started long before she and I ever actually met.

When you think about it, most love stories start that way. Every moment is a lead up to the one in which you meet your soul mate. Each moment, somehow shapes you up for that person you were destined for. Mind you all your previous heartbreaks and lonely moments are important in the scheme of things—sometimes we need to know what wrong feels like before we can ever really know the other thing which is right.

The whole “girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married” model is a little too simplistic for the real world. In the real world of today it is more like boy and girl start talking on the social networking sites, they chat for a long long time, than they meet, sometimes they fall in love, sometimes they do not.

We took it  a step further. Our long time was three months. Not because we did not want to meet. But because we were in different cities. However, that did not stop us from falling in love. Sometimes, you just know. You know that you have found the person.

Back than it was all about love, patience, kindness, calm, forgiveness, and gratitude (instead of anger, impatience, sharpness, agitation, grudge holding, and bitterness). We always had some people expressing disbelief.
“Don’t you ever fight? Isn’t the fighting good for the the passion aspect of a relationship? Isn’t the arguing part of a healthy dynamic?”

But the problem was that there were just too many things about her that I wanted to change. And as I began to realize that I could never change her and should not have to. It ate away at me day and night, because I honestly could not imagine my life without her. And being alone terrified me.  A world without her terrified me.

| To be continued |

2 thoughts on “A Love Story

    1. Just getting the vibe back! I have been joined by another friend in this blog. Amandeep. Some posts in that barrage were from him!
      And about this series, well this will be hard for me. Life stories always are. Especially ones that go wrong.


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