Saving the world together, one thought at a time.

I promised new posts. More importantly, regular posts after coming out from the hibernation mode of Nabadip’s Blog. Sometimes though you need a spark. A spark like Amandeep, a dear junior who keeps posting a series of #RandomThoughts as he calls them, on Facebook.

So I decided, that was that. Its’ time we pair up and save the world, one thought at a time, some of them random!

When I asked him for a small introduction, this is what he gave, however, I am sure you will know much more of him in the coming days!

Ladies and gentlemen, Amandeep Singh!

“I am person who has much more in my bags than just dream and documents. I love to dabble with public drama and debate…I am a person who believe life is not just a story but an epitome of expressions.”


One thought on “Saving the world together, one thought at a time.

  1. each life has there own story…each story is there inspire thousands….each story is special…A person may think that their own story is boring and common…but its true that no story is common …they are unique!!!!! The stories are unique because each person has their own small and big dreams which makes them more unique and perfect….Every person just need some hope and courage to share their story to the world…because the world is longing to know it and to mark it in the pages of golden history!!!!! 🙂


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