A Love Story

[ A Love Story will be an weekly series that will take you through the ups and downs of what we call love and life. ] ****************************************************************************** Our love story started long before she and I ever actually met. When you think about it, most love stories start that way. Every moment is a lead up to […]


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As a child,I would climb to the tree-top, And rest on it’s limb,way up high. Alone I would sit, quiet and still, For hours I would stare at the sky. Perched in the branches, I would let troubles go, Like dry leaves , they would all fall away. Replaced by my dreams, I would create […]

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The Last Try

Today I gave up on her again. Her friend also commented that she is already in ‘very’ in good terms with a guy, stressing on the ‘very’. She of course, has never replied to my messages. Occasional struggles to meet her or the odd courageous attempt to ask her out for lunch always got rejected. […]

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